Foundation of I-B&L, a group of solid partners with different experience which has made its commitment to a mission by the precise value.

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Marazzi&Advisors, from 1992, provides high professionalism to its clients through its widespread presence in the most important foreign markets. Our company also provides the best professionals and the most reliable partners at the international level to better meet the peculiarities of each project, counting on an international network that includes the major tax and law firms and market strategy companies.


  • Regulatory profiles
  • Contracts about informatics and scientific-industrial co-operation
  • E-commerce, privacy and data protection of intellectual property
  • Domain name disputes


  • Management of institutional relations
  • Market and sector and competitors analyses
  • Identification of the best strategies to successfully operate in new markets and communication planning
  • Analysis of investments required and financial feasibility

Studio Varè Lo Presti

The firm is characterized by a careful and thorough interdisciplinary approach that combines and enhances the professionalism of Certified Public Accountants, Auditors Legal, Lawyers, Notaries and Trust Company, operates through professional and operational tools resources that constitute a highly qualified supervision to satisfy the multiple request for economic and productive areas.
  • Corporate Services
  • Fiscal Services
  • Corporate Services for company
  • Fiduciary Services

Studio Vico

The firm has been operating for many years for large and medium Italian and international company, thanks to the group activity of professionals, who have operational experience in top managerial positions and are animated by great entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • Partnership and "joint venture"
  • Contact management for the management of initiatives and "turnkey projects"

Tinti Associati

Tinti Associates, born in 2009 as an evolution of the Tinti Studio, is active in various sectors of business and tax advice. The team operates in a flexible manner, by implementing its staff, given the magnitude of the individual tasks, thanks to the support of external professionals. The main professionals who collaborate with Tinti Associates represent some of the main Italian LAW FIRM active in the Bologna area.
  • Business Consultancy
  • Corporate Consultancy nationally and internationally
  • Extraordinary transactions and M&A
  • Tax consultancy and assistance
  • Restructuring of debts and certification plans
  • Support To companies in the pre and post bankruptcy
  • Auditing and accounting control
  • Budget, business plan and certificates plans

Studio Bastia

Studio Bastia was founded in the late '90s by Professor Paolo Bastia, Professor of Planning and Control at the University of Bologna and the Luiss "Guido Carli" of Rome. Bastia Studio, with its qualified team and a selected network of Partner and high-profile lawyers, in operative offices in Bologna, Treviso and Rome, expresses the synthesis of professional experience and academic rigor, in order to customized solutions for Enterprise customers, following a more careful approach to the Company's systemic nature.


  • Corporate governance, institutional arrangements, family business, strategy consulting, organizational and managerial
  • Strategic plans, action plans, business plans, sensitivity analysis
  • Redesign of processes and the value chain
  • Business and financial check-up and reconfiguration of the financial structures
  • Due economic diligence, organizational and accounting, consolidated financial statements and transfer pricing
  • Design of the systems of planning and control digestion systems


  • Evaluation of companies, branches, brands, expert opinions for mergers and demergers
  • Part Technical, fairness opinions, arbitrations
  • Actions of responsibility
  • Company Liquidations (branches and assets not consistent), preparation of restructuring plans (extrajudicial and judicial)
  • Independent business review restructuring plans

NGRT & Associati S.r.l.

A dynamic team of 13 people, operating between Bologna and Rimini, deals with every aspect of the development and contract management, process organization, the personnel budget, the management of relations with foreign countries (from Italian abroad, which from overseas to Italy) and the main disputes concerning labor law.
  • Labor law
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Payroll and Privacy Act

Koinè Consult S.r.l.

The highly flexible organization of Koine study adapts to diverse customer requirements. The working team is, from time to time, structure, depending on each individual task or job order, to respond in the most effective way to any specific requirement.
  • Construction, implementation and management of organizational models pursuant to Legislative Lgs.231 / 01
  • Of enterprise reporting Systems Design
  • Due diligence
  • Audits
  • Budget and Business Plan
  • Rating legality